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This corner connector allows you to connect two Click Rails around 90-degree corners. It works well for both an inside and outside corner.

colour: white, grey
compatibility: Click Rail Hanging System
corners: inside/outside
angle: 85-95 degrees


The end caps secure both ends of a rail or rail chain. If you are cutting rails into shorter lengths, please ensure you have a sufficient number of them.

colour: white, grey, black
compatibility: Click Rail Hanging System
material: plastic
quantity: 2


These brackets are required for Click Rail installation. Extra Grip brackets are perfect for uneven walls to help minimise the gaps behind rails.

version: standard, extra grip
compatibility: Click Rail System
installtion: every 40cm/8in
quantity: 10


When you need fixing into brick, block, or concrete, you need to be confident that it will be strong enough to hold the hanging system in place.

plugs: 6mm
screws: 3.5mm, 45mm
surface: brick, block, concrete
quantity: 10 plugs, 10 screws