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ARTITEQ Multipack Offers


Rust free clamp which helps making wire loops. Perfect for hanging pictures with S-Hook, traditional gallery or parition hooks.


dimensions: 10/5/5mm W/H/D
material: nickel-plated steel
capacity: 5kg
included: 25 clamps, 1 Allen Key


This wire clamp allows you to make a second loop when you need loops on both ends of the wire. Please use only with the 1mm or 2mm, perlon or steel wires.


dimensions: 7/7/4mm W/H/D
material: aluminium
size: for 1mm or 2mm wires
quantity: 100 clamps


When you need fixing into brick, block, or concrete, you need to be confident that it will be strong enough to hold the hanging system in place.


plugs: 6mm
screws: 3.5mm, 45mm
surface: brick, block, concrete
quantity: 10 plugs, 10 screws


Fitted to the back of your frame either vertically or horizontally allows you to hang it using picture hook. Available for wooden and aluminium frames.


frames: wooden, aluminium
dimensions: 70/39/2mm H/W/D
material: steel
quantity: 50 hangers