The best Christmas presents for artists


It can be puzzling to think of a unique and creative present for a creative person. But don’t worry – below, we’ve listed some of the best gifts for artists, whether they love drawing, painting, clay modelling, or anything else. Scan our ideas and become inspired today!

1. Pottery Starter Kit

A pottery starter kit is perfect for any beginner artist. Comprising pottery tools, clay, acrylic brushes and paints, this kit can be fantastic for date nights and cosy rainy days inside the home.

pottery kit


2. LED Ultra Slim Art Drawing Pad

Looking further, an LED drawing light box board enables artists to sketch on a high-quality ultra-slim pad. This pad is perfect for people who love stencilling, tattooing, designing and drawing to create artwork.

tracing pad


3. ARTITEQ Info Rail Display System

The ARTITEQ Info Rail display system is number one for portraying cards, photos, drawings, and even essential documents on the wall. This system prevents walls from getting damaged by blu tack or hooks and makes bringing your walls to life quick and efficient. For information on making your art wall look great with a picture hanging system, visit Picture World Hanging Store.

ARTITEQ Info Rail aluminium documents


4. Trimits Bee Punch Needle Kit

The Trimits Bee Punch Needle Kit provides the ideal introduction for those getting into needlework. This kit includes a wide variety of tools to help any individual get started in this practice. Indeed, there are many designs to experiment with.

trimits bee punch


5. Cozy Couch Sweater Pattern Crochet pattern

Artists who love knitting will love this knitting pattern for a couch sweater. Perfect for cold winter days, the end product of this knitting pattern will keep anyone warm and snug throughout the holiday season.

cozy couch sweater


6. Ultimate Calligraphy PEN Set

Artists who love calligraphy will treasure a calligraphy set, including right-handed calligraphy pens with comforting rubber grips, nib sections, an ink converter cartridge, and twenty ink cartridges.

calligraphy pen set


7. Premium Fine Taklon Mixed Media Brushes

Painters of all types will enjoy a mixed-media brush set. This set includes those who love oil, watercolour, and acrylic painting. This set incorporates a high-quality round, fan, filbert, and flat wash brushes.

brush zip set


8. Thick Clear Acrylic Paint Palette

A uniquely transparent artist’s palette is perfect for acrylic painting. This gift could really stand out, deviating from the traditional wooden palette. Awesome Christmas present for all creative artists. 

paint palette


9. Premium Therapy Putty

As well as acting as a gift to help people relax, therapy putty can act as an artist’s bread and butter when it comes to modelling. Some artists love getting stuck in with this type of material.

therapy putty


10. Artist’s Apron

An apron is a more forgotten artist tool, but that doesn’t make it any less critical. You’ll want a sturdy, heavyweight cotton apron like this one with plenty of pockets for brushes and other tools.



So, there you have it. A short list of presents artists may enjoy receiving this Christmas. Hopefully, you have a better idea about what you can buy an artist you know this holiday to make them feel extra special!